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What we offer

Child Daycare - The Company will foster a philosophy of providing a positive learning environment designed to guide children to discover new information, skills, and concepts. The Company’s curriculum will offer innovative social, emotional, academic, and cognitive experiences for children. The Company will provide a variety of learning experiences that encourage a positive self-image and inspire joy in the learning process. The Company will respect each child as an individual with a unique personality, intelligence, and creativity. The day care employees will focus on working to develop the motor skills of children through active play.
Infant and Toddler Daycare - The Company’s employees will be experienced teachers focused on teaching empathy and acceptance from a young age. The Company’s curriculum for infants and toddlers will aim to create outlets of self-expression through creative play. The Early Childhood Educator will support each child’s physical, emotional, and social development. The Company will have a special menu that will promote healthy nutrition and eating habits from a young age. Also, the Company’s highly trained and dedicated staff members will establish environments that are clean, fun, creative, and child-oriented.
Camps - The Company will organize camps a couple of times a year. The camps will allow children to explore the world around them. The dedicated teachers will facilitate learning about cooperation, sharing, and empathy through a number of exercises. The children will broaden their experiences through music, drama, and storytelling activities. The scope of the camps will be to build social skills through dramatic play and role-playing.
Before and After School Care - As parents get busy with work, children often need a place to stay before or after school, or on the days when the school is closed. The Company will offer the services of welcoming children before and after school. Parents who require this service will be able to contact the daycare and reserve a spot for their child for as long as a day or for more days in the week.
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